.:Refrigerators appliances:.

Nowadays there is no a single trade company that could possibly do without a refrigerator appliances. Just take a look at the street – the fridges are everywhere from supermarkets to small personal stores!

Our company specializes in supplying various types of refrigeration equipment: fridges, ice machines, chillers, cold storage and so on, which is used on enterprises in different cycles of production, storage, transportation and sale. All appliances are presented on our site; it will be easy for you to choose whatever you need. Different brands, different price segments, for different tastes.

The price of branded equipment we are working with is far much lower than the costs of broken machinery of unreliable producers. Faulty equipment can be a disaster to every company, but such mistake can easily be avoided by the right choice of a supplier. That’s what we are here for!

The right choice means your goods will look fantastic and attract attention of potential customers – which stands for healthy revenues and even healthier profits. We will advise and help you choose the best model for your needs.

In addition to all services above we offer you a full equipment of your warehouse. Our experts will quickly calculate what you are going to need. Then you can order the whole range of services that our company provides: selection of necessary equipment, creating a project (we do have professional designers), supplying and installation of equipment and after-sales service. So for a short period of time you get your appliances that are up to usual standards and ready to work.

Every service and product we offer is of high quality. That’s what we guarantee.